Mirza Ghalib(1797-1869)
Hindustan (India)Hindustan ka bhi ajab sar zameen hai,

Jis mein wafa-o-mehr-o- mahabbat ka hai wafoor.

 Jaise ke aaftaab nikalta hai sharqaz se, 

Ikhlaas ka hua hai isi mulk se zahoor. Hai asl-e-tukhm Hind se, 

aur is zameen se, Phaila hai sab jahan mein yeh mewa door door.


Wondrous is the Indian soil,

 fruitful and fertile Faith,

 kindliness and love, bloom on every side. 

As the East is the source of the sun and light, 

India is the ancient home of sincerity, undefiled. 

It was here the seed was sown, here it fruited, And from here the fruit spread to distant shores and isles.

I’m Free Bird

I’m free bird,

Meant to fly high,

Never leaving the sight of ground,

To pursue what i believe,i should try,

I’m free being,

Meant to reason everything,

No material can incarcerate me,

My ideas will lead to glorious something,

I’m free mind,

Meant to learn and strive for more,

Difficulties are the melodies of life,

Oneday i’ll reach my destined shore,

I’m free thinker,

Bounded by moral character,

Freedom comes with some rules to obey,

Life’s a reality so don’t be an actor.


What r u thinking?

Let me guess,

As to what r u thinking,

Looking at the sky,

Why ur eyes are continuously blinking?

Antiquated thoughts are running through mind,

Or the love,did u find?

Letting me search your memories,

Absolutely you are very kind.

Ohh..now i know,

That the thing you didn’t show,

That u r thinking about me,

My face reading is really slow.



Mein dhoondta hu tujhe,

Tasavoor mein aa mil mujhe,

Tujhe tujhse aazad kar doon,

Aise khayalo se waaqif kar du tujhe,

Aa phir mil mujhe.

Tere har soch ko Mein samajh sakta hu,

Tere har dard ko dawa de sakta hu,

Bas ik baar mere zehen mein dekh,

Tujhe gumgeen khayalo se nikal sakta hu.

Duniya mein gum nahi,

Toh jeene mein maza nahi hai,

Tu bas itna samajh yeh koi saza nahi hai.


Let Go

You go your way,

I’ll go mine,

You eventually will forget,

@nd everything will be fine.

You’re not for me,

For me there’s someone else,

It’s not just dreaming,

My heart to me tells.
Please go away,

Don’t come back,

Let me live,

I’ll never look back.

Kuch jazbaat.

Kaise teerandaz ho tum,

Nishana saadha hua hai,

Lekin teer toh zara sidha kar lijiye,

Humse jhoot bolkar,

Khudko bewakoof  na saabit kijiye.

Agar jung ki baat hai toh,

Kya todengi ye zanjeere humein,

Tum teer aazmana,

hum jigar aazmaenge.

Har baar haare ho ,

Yu he haarte rahoge,

Ik saath aantankwaad ko khatm karte hai,

Kab tak yeh nafrat ko lekar ro’oge.

Let it flow.

Love me or not,
Just say it or not,
The eloquent words of yours,
Conveyed ur eyes,believe it or not.
My lips does not repress,my eyes do,
I sometimes sat and portend,too,
Is it you or me or both in love,
It’s plausible i love you..


“$ilence is the most eloquent reply to a ♥ by a ♥”