Love or wrong love.

Sacrificing for something you believe in,is your love.

But believing that it is right needs firstly to be examined by oneself .

What is right and what is wrong,it would came to know only through our mind.

Loving something which is not good for humanity is not the love worth it at any condition.

False knowledge is the root of loving wrong things and ending up in misery,pain and sufferings.But one can continuously acquire knowledge to know what is right or wrong

Love lost

Love lost gone somewhere,

For her my heart cares,

Mumbling something rambling thoughts,

Love given by you how could i forgot?

Beautiful heart,innocent soul,

Seeing you my eyes roll,

You are the envy of every beautiful girl,

Truth is that my heart and mind swirls.

Never ever  will die.. 

Love for u will never die, 
The day I go don’t cry. 

Love for u will never die, 

Be strong, be happy and don’t ever lie. 

Love for u will never die, 

I’ll go away from you, just fly. 

Love for u will never die, 

To become what you want to, always try. 

Love for u will never die, 

Till our hearts 💕  are beating never say goodbye. 

My love, love for u will never die. 



Never thinked i’d be so,
My heartbeats high,breathing slow,
How do i myself let,
Into her’s all things flow.

Whenever i saw her, bright light glow,
My love for her is ubiquitous and floating breeze in a row.
My love for her i may not say,
But eyes are the ones which say everything and show.

I may rhapsodize so much ,
Her accent is great in its touch,
Baulking to accept to speak,
Her heart i extolled with love such.

“It will not end till i’m alive,coz it’s love it will be forever and ever”