Tu meri zindagi hai. 

Ghum hai ya khushi hai tu, 
Tu meri zindagi hai. 

Ranjish hai ya sukoon hai tu, 

Tu meri zindagi hai. 

Khwab hai ya haqiqat hai tu, 

Tu meri zindagi hai.

Khumaar hai ya deewangi hai tu, 

Tu meri zindagi hai. 

Mere Karib hai ya dur hai tu, 

Tu meri zindagi hai, 

Kinaara hai ya Safar hai tu, 

Tu meri zindagi hai. 

Roshni hai ya chaandni hai tu,

Tu meri zindagi hai. 

Mere nahi phir bhi mera hai tu, 

Tu meri zindagi hai. 

Khamosh hokar bhi Kehta hai tu, 

Tu meri zindagi hai. 

Anjaana nahi par kyun begaana hai tu, 

Tu meri zindagi hai. 

                                             -R. A. M


Mere har ek nafz mein,

Tera khumaar hai,

Ek tu he mera rab,

Jise mujhe beshumaar pyaar hai,

Har dhadakti rag mein,

Tere diye is dard mein,

Mere har pal ki aas mein,

Tere aankhon ki jhalak ka intzaar hai.


Yahaan Mazdoor ko marney ki jaldi Yun bhi hai,Ke zindagi ki kashmakash main kafan mehnga na ho jaye..

…Bohat Nazdeek Ho Ke Bhi Wo Itna Door Hai Mujhse,

Ishara Ho NahI Sakta, Pukaara Ja Nahi Sakta….!!

…Kon aaye ga ab aay dil tujh ko tasalli denay,

Teri udas tabiyat ki khabar kis ko hai…..! 😦

…Tehreer me simat’tay hain kahan dilon k dard,

behla raha hun khud ko zara kaghazon k sath..! —

               -Mirza Ghalib

Golden Orb Spider

1. They are also known as the golden silk orb-weaver, the writing spider, and the giant wood spider.

2.They grow up to about two inches in size, not including leg span, and females are larger than males. With the legs, some are over five inches in size.

3. There are banana spiders in Africa, Asia, Australia, and the southeastern United States, from Texas to North Carolina.

4. Web silk is golden in color.

5. The female normally eats the male after mating.

6. Their species is the oldest surviving spider genus. Fossil remnants are 165 million years old.

7. Textiles can be made with their golden silk, including a shawl woven in 2004 and a cape in 2012.

8. Fishermen in the Indopacific Ocean make balls with the spiders’ silk. After being tossed into the ocean, the balls unravel and form a net to catch fish.

9. They are mildly venomous, causing redness, blisters, and pain at the bite area.

10. Their Latin name, Nephila clavipes, means “fond of spinning.”​


Mirza Ghalib(1797-1869)
Hindustan (India)Hindustan ka bhi ajab sar zameen hai,

Jis mein wafa-o-mehr-o- mahabbat ka hai wafoor.

 Jaise ke aaftaab nikalta hai sharqaz se, 

Ikhlaas ka hua hai isi mulk se zahoor. Hai asl-e-tukhm Hind se, 

aur is zameen se, Phaila hai sab jahan mein yeh mewa door door.


Wondrous is the Indian soil,

 fruitful and fertile Faith,

 kindliness and love, bloom on every side. 

As the East is the source of the sun and light, 

India is the ancient home of sincerity, undefiled. 

It was here the seed was sown, here it fruited, And from here the fruit spread to distant shores and isles.

I’m Free Bird

I’m free bird,

Meant to fly high,

Never leaving the sight of ground,

To pursue what i believe,i should try,

I’m free being,

Meant to reason everything,

No material can incarcerate me,

My ideas will lead to glorious something,

I’m free mind,

Meant to learn and strive for more,

Difficulties are the melodies of life,

Oneday i’ll reach my destined shore,

I’m free thinker,

Bounded by moral character,

Freedom comes with some rules to obey,

Life’s a reality so don’t be an actor.