Alfaz Zindagi k..

Alfazon ko dhoondte hue ,

Mein ik anjaani raah par chal diya,

Usi raaste par tumhara ghar tha,

Jahan maine apna imaan rakh diya.

Alfazon ko dhoondte hue,

Mein us mod par aa gaya,

Jahan se koi manzil he nahi thi,

Phir mein khud raasta banate hue chal diya.

Alfazon ko dhoondte hue,

Woh din aaya k shabd he nahi mil rahe the,

Aapse yun he mulaqat ho gayi ae zindagi,

Aapke pyaar mein hum yun he kho rahe the.

Kuch jazbaat.

Kaise teerandaz ho tum,

Nishana saadha hua hai,

Lekin teer toh zara sidha kar lijiye,

Humse jhoot bolkar,

Khudko bewakoof  na saabit kijiye.

Agar jung ki baat hai toh,

Kya todengi ye zanjeere humein,

Tum teer aazmana,

hum jigar aazmaenge.

Har baar haare ho ,

Yu he haarte rahoge,

Ik saath aantankwaad ko khatm karte hai,

Kab tak yeh nafrat ko lekar ro’oge.

Why’s Pak running away?

Somedays earlier,the ICJ stayed execution of Indian nationalist Mr.Kulbhusan Sudhir Jadhav.

And today when the case was opened for jurisdiction in the ICJ Pak lost it badly.

Points to be undertaken:

1.When persons asked for proofs that mr.jadhav is a spy they always denied it completely.

2.why was the case of mr.jadhav was tried in a military court?

3.They(pakistan) totally denied and did not give consulor access to mr.jadhav and why?

4.Why the medical report of mr.jadhav was not provided when asked by India?

5.Why pak military court did not provide exact statement of mr.jadhav,how that evudence ia obtained?

At the ICJ,Mr.Qureshi(pak’s advocate)said that a passport has recovered and that it had a muslim name”Hussein Mubarak”.Also they wanted to play the live evidence but according to rules the so called extricated evidence can be due to pressure on mr.jadhav.So the ICJ cannot accept such evidence and rejected their proposal completely.

And most important question asked by India was  “As to why mr.jadhav has not been provided consulor access?”

According to vienna convention’s , of which both India and Pakistan is a signatory,clearly says that mr.jadhav must be getting consulor access.And not allowing is the violations of vienna as with respect to article 36.

Pakistan now is afraid that the International community would extricate them completely if they were to give consulor access to mr.jadhav and solid evidence as they called.pakistan is now running away?

If india can give consulor access to a terrorist like kasab,why pak can’t give access to our indian national?