World’s largest waterfall isn’t what you think it is? 


What’s the largest waterfall in the world? If you’re talking by flow rate, it’s Inga Falls. If you mean the tallest, it’s Angel Falls. The widest? Khone Falls. But if you want to know the very largest waterfall in the world, you’ll have to look beneath the ocean. That’s where you’ll find the Denmark Strait Cataract, an underwater waterfall with measurements that make the others look laughable.

Don’t go looking for this Waterfall? 

Buried far underneath the water’s surface in the Denmark Strait between Greenland and Iceland hides the largest waterfall known to man. Underwater waterfalls, known as cascades—or, when they’re really big, cataracts—exist when cold and warm water meet. The molecules in cold water don’t move around much, so they stay close together and make the water denser than warm water, whose molecules tend to buzz around and leave more space between them. That makes cold water sink straight down through warm water, creating a steady and consistent flow.

The water coming from the Greenland Sea is Arctic cold, literally. When it enters the warmer water in the Irminger Sea, it drops 11,500 feet straight down, flowing at 175 million cubic feet per second. That absolutely annihilates any records on the surface—Angel Falls is only 3,212 feet high; Inga Falls flows just shy of a million cubic feet per second. Sure, it is slower—cold water falls through air much faster than it can sink through warm water—and it is, again, underwater, but does that make it any less of a waterfall?

Looking towards the future

The Denmark Strait Cataract and other cataracts like it aren’t just natural oddities. They’re part of a delicate ecosystem, and many are relied upon not only by commercial fishing crews, but deep-sea creatures that depend on them for their constant flow of nutrients. With evidence of climate change negatively affecting other underwater currents, and given the fact that its flow is so reliant on temperature, its future and the future of those who rely on it is shaky at best.

This plays around with the definition of a waterfall, but keep your mind open because this is is pretty amazing.The Denmark Strait, in the Atlantic Ocean between Greenland and Iceland, is an underground waterfall that tumbles almost 11,500 feet and carries 175 million cubic feet of water per second.

The reason it exists is due to temperature differences in the water on either side of the strait. Cold water is more dense than warm water. And the eastern side of the strait is a lot colder than the western side. So when the waters meet, the cold water sinks below the warmer water, creating a strong downward flow of water — one that can be (and is) considered a waterfall.

There are other areas of the ocean where the same thing happens, but the Denmark Straight is hands down the largest of them.

Petya Ransomware

Malware is not a new ocxurence.The first pc virus in the wild-a boot swctor virus by the name Brain was spotted back in 1986 and malware has been an absolute menace ever since.

The war between software companies and malware developers is a never ending battle as the former beefs up security,the latter finds new ways to exploit loopholes in their software’s code.

What is Ransomware?

The latestthreat is in the form of ransomware-a type of malicious sofyware designed to completely block access to a computer until the user pays a sum of money.They prefef to obtain payment through Bitcoin as it is difficult to trace.

Many companies in europe and us have been massively affected by an attack from a ransomware known as “Petya”.

कटु सत्य ।

“सो गए बच्चे गरीब के यह सुनकर,

रात को आते है फरिश्ते ख्वाबो मे खाना लेकर”

English Translation:

“Little ones fell asleep after hearing this,

That at night angels come with bread in dreams”

What is this Love?

Love,really what is it? Is that really love when someone says i love this & that.For Example:I love golgappas but is it really that i love golgappas or ia it just a desire for a short time.

A person says that I love that guy/girl,what do they really mean? Do they actually love or it is just a  sensation when we want someone to fullfill our desire.And when that short term desire is fulfilled we want someone new,so we say that i don’t love you anymore and i’m in love with someone else.

The sensations we get, we try to overcome them by trying to achieve them.After the fulfillment of one’s desires like a dream,what you have thought of you have achieved it etc.But what after that everyone is in the race of expandability were one wish is followed by another then another and so on.

Love,is just nothing but a sensation where it is for a time till it is fullfilled after that we get new sensations.It is a continuous process.

Is there anything really like love or it is just a myth or false notion of being in a state of peace or addiction.

A drunken also says that he loves liquor but does he really mean that? In fact he hates it but cannot resist bcoz it is his desire which he needs to fulfill.Is this addiction not same as love? Where we can’t think properly,it doesn’t matter to us what people says,it doesn’t matter is someone is hurt etc.A drunkard also thinks alike,don’t they?

A happy Soul is the one who is free from desire,he doesn’t want anything from anyone.He is at peace.

Love,desires,addiction etc.are sensations that occur for ahort term and end.No feelings,no emotions are permanent.Thoughts changex with time.Pleasure and pain are temporary,and these are sensations.

We say i love my country with an loud and clear thought in mind but do we actually love our nation?If yes then there would be like we would have followed traffic rules,Keep our roads clean,Live by the rules and regualtions laid down by our constitution.

.I also wrote many poems on love but is it really love or a sensation?Does it actually exists?My answer is NO.

Universal truth

The first time i opened eyes,

The whole universe was mine,

No differences based on religion,colour,sex existed,

And for little me,eferything was fine.

Day after day days passed,

Real introduction of this world i got,

There is difference based on religion etc..

Hate in most of hearts i found encompassed.

But there were few,

The eternal meaning of life they knew,

Their thinking,their knowledge,their ability to spread love,

To hate,these qualities bid adieu.