Alfaz Zindagi k..

Alfazon ko dhoondte hue ,

Mein ik anjaani raah par chal diya,

Usi raaste par tumhara ghar tha,

Jahan maine apna imaan rakh diya.

Alfazon ko dhoondte hue,

Mein us mod par aa gaya,

Jahan se koi manzil he nahi thi,

Phir mein khud raasta banate hue chal diya.

Alfazon ko dhoondte hue,

Woh din aaya k shabd he nahi mil rahe the,

Aapse yun he mulaqat ho gayi ae zindagi,

Aapke pyaar mein hum yun he kho rahe the.


Words with A along with their meaning:

1.Aback:Taken by surprise

2.Abandon:To leave forever

3.Abase:To humiliate


5.Abate:To make or become less strong

6:Abbreviate:To shorten

7.Abdicate:To give up power


9.Abet:To encourage someone to do something wrong

10.AbeyanceNot used at present

11.Abhor: To feel hatred or dislike

12.Abide:To accept something in accordance with

13.Abnegate:To give up,renunciation

14.Abound:To exist in large numbers or amounts

15.Abrasive:Unpleasant, grim

16.Abstain:With hold or refrain,cease



19.Abut:To border upon,Adjoin


21.Accede:To Agree,consent

22.Acclivity:Upward Slope

It’s my values

I say sorry to someone not because that i’m wrong but because it doesn’t feels good to know that someone is unhappy because of me.

Then let it be the one who has given me pain and said wrong things behind my back.

“Meri parvarish mujhe sikhati hai kisi ka dil na dukhe apni wajah se,chahe woh insaan tumhe kitna bhi pareshaan kar chuka ho”


“It’s my upbringing values that had taught me not to be the reason for anyone’s sadness then let it be the person who had gave you the utmost pain”