I need to do it,

Nothing else i want,

I belong there not here,

It’s time to work,learn,and achieve that one goal through hardwork,perseverance.

And I’d keep my word.And surely I will.

There’s this one dream which doesn’t let me sleep,

Actually it id an indication that don’t sleep just some more and more and more it’s conveying..

Always Dream coz like your parents they are true to you otherwise every person would deceive you with their lies..

Love or wrong love.

Sacrificing for something you believe in,is your love.

But believing that it is right needs firstly to be examined by oneself .

What is right and what is wrong,it would came to know only through our mind.

Loving something which is not good for humanity is not the love worth it at any condition.

False knowledge is the root of loving wrong things and ending up in misery,pain and sufferings.But one can continuously acquire knowledge to know what is right or wrong

I love you but you don’t love me.

​I love you but u don’t love me,
Hey,how many times do i need to tell you,

That i love you,

And will always do.

Somewhere you will forget me,

And someone would come into your life,

But how many times do i say,

That i want you only to be my wife.

Again you say i love you but you don’t love me.

What is the difference between I Like You and I Live You?

Buddha has said:When you like a flower you pluck it,but when you love a flower you water it daily.

See U Later

See you later,love

I’m busy loving someone else,

That’s the dream i adore and admire,

You know to me my dream tells.

See you later,love

Don’t be in a hurry to leave,

I have taken you aback,

Just have patience and live.

See you later,love

You are an beautiful creation of art ,

I express my gratitude to you,

Adhered are both from soul to heart.

See you later,love.


He thought,”How can i not think about you or show that i do not love you?

When i woke up in the middle of the night.I wad having a bad dream of you with someone else.Why is it?
When i do not love you anymore then why my heartbeats,my breathing rate rose up?

You know i said please do wait.Don’t go.I’m always for you”

शायरी ।।।

Humne maana ki pyaar kisi ka hamare pass nahi,

Yun toh tumhein bhi mohabbat ka ehsaas nahi,

Chale jaate hai hum us gali se door,

Jahan wafa k naam ka bhi ehsaas nahi.

Humne maana ki pyaar kisi ka hamare pass nahi,

Par tumhein bhi sacchai aur saralta ka ehsaas nahi,

Duniya bhari padi hai in khoobsurat balao se,

Par humein watan se badhkar koi aur  mohabbat ki pyaas nahi.


I admit that i do not have anyone’s love,

But you also don’t know what love is,

I walk away from the doors(of lovers),

Where there doesn’t resides the name of trust.

I admit that i do not have anyone’s love,

But you also don’t know the value of truth and simplicity,

World is full of  beautiful deceiving faces,

But for me there’s no greater love than for one’s own country.