Banded Sea Krait 

  • ​Interesting Banded sea krait Facts:
  • Banded sea krait has bluish grey body covered with black bands that stretch from the neck to the tip of the tail. Belly is yellow or creamy colored. Entire body is covered with smooth scales.
  • Banded sea krait has small head, cylindrical body and paddle-shaped tail.
  • Banded sea krait spends part of its life in the ocean (where it collects food), and other part on the solid ground (where it sheds its skin, digests meals and rests).
  • Banded sea krait has large lungs, thanks to which it can stay nearly 2 hours under the water.
  • Banded sea krait leaves water once every 10 to 14 days. It can be found on the sandy beaches, in the caves and coastal areas covered with trees. Banded sea krait is good climber thanks to large scales on the belly.
  • Banded sea krait is nocturnal creature (active during the night).
  • Banded sea krait is a carnivore (meat-eater). Its diet consists of fish (such as eels), squids and crabs.
  • Banded sea krait is slow swimmer. It hunts using an element of surprise (an ambush predator). Strong venom affects function of muscles and nerves and induces paralysis of its victims.
  • Banded sea krait produces venom which is 10 times stronger than the venom of a rattlesnake and cobra. Despite ability to kill human with a single bite, banded sea krait rarely attacks humans.
  • Natural enemies of banded sea kraits are sea eagles and sharks.
  • Little is known about reproductive behavior of banded sea kraits, except that they can mate all year round.
  • Courtship and mating of banded sea kraits takes place on the small, remote islands. Female lays 4 to 20 eggs in the sand. Babies emerge from the eggs 4 to 5 months later.
  • Males reach sexual maturity at the age of 18 months, females at the age of 24 months. Many banded sea kraits die before they reach sexual maturity due to large number of predators.
  • Lifespan of banded sea krait (both in the wild and in the captivity) is unknown.

Why don’t Sharks have bones? 

Sharks are completely boneless. Instead of bones, sharks have skeletons made up of cartilage. A cartilage skeleton has its advantages: it is flexible, durable and light, and also heals faster than bone. That said, once a shark is out of water, the cartilage skeleton works against them. They can easily be crushed by their own body weight on land — because sharks lack rib cages, their weight isn’t supported out of water, and their bodies would collapse over time.


Nature is serene,

On her lap it’s peaceful,

Whenever i’m in her surroundings,

It’s blissfull.

Nature is shy,

As she won’t talk to me,

But she’s one good clue giver,

Everyday she whispers walk to me.

Nature is sancrosanct,

Do respect her,

She’ll provide you everything,

Don’t ever suspect her.

Nature is mother,

She cares for us,

Even If we harm her,

She’s always there for us.


When my tears dried..

When my tears dried, my heart died. 
The long way of learning is the simplest form of burning, 

People would put smile on faces in front of you but at back harsh cursing words,

Whenever my heart pains to feel like this, I cried. 

When my tears dried, my heart died. 

Life’s journey is not going to be easy one it’s the thing I learn, 

People will try to demotivate but what you want only you can earn, 

With burns on my heart and soul I still tried. 

When my tears dried, my heart died. 

Firstly I thought of it as true love but eventually I found that there’s nothing like it, 

The lies,gossiping,making fun of me behind my back was only a bullying treat, 

Still smiling everyday I greet them, coz each day it’s the new sunlight, 

So, when my tears dried, my heart died. 


I have loved you with all I can, 
You abode in my heart, 

Only your thoughts 💭  are running on my mind, 

Peace in my heart where can I find? 

You bewitched me, 

My senses are not working u see, 

Thinking one thing doing something 👉, 

And now I’m feeling a little less than trusting

You had me wishin’ we were



Daily routine is getting ready, 
For a better tomorrow be steady.

Abysmal thoughts run my mind, 

Negative thoughts 💭 one should rescind.

Abstaining from the negativity, 

I acceded to be with positivity.

Do not indulge in some absurd arguments, 

Will power, hard work and perseverance are life’s success determinant. 

One lose energy in accentuating, 

Then it’s development degradation  is perpetuating .