Mirza Ghalib(1797-1869)
Hindustan (India)Hindustan ka bhi ajab sar zameen hai,

Jis mein wafa-o-mehr-o- mahabbat ka hai wafoor.

 Jaise ke aaftaab nikalta hai sharqaz se, 

Ikhlaas ka hua hai isi mulk se zahoor. Hai asl-e-tukhm Hind se, 

aur is zameen se, Phaila hai sab jahan mein yeh mewa door door.


Wondrous is the Indian soil,

 fruitful and fertile Faith,

 kindliness and love, bloom on every side. 

As the East is the source of the sun and light, 

India is the ancient home of sincerity, undefiled. 

It was here the seed was sown, here it fruited, And from here the fruit spread to distant shores and isles.


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