As I know

Love is a belief that doesn’t exist in reality,or it is just a tenporary way of being in relationship with someone.

If really there’s true love then i want to know,What ia first love & then second love and in the end it becomes only love.

For me love is” Sacrificing-The feeling  where one is ready to sacrifice anything for that love.It may be anything like a dream for which i’m ready to sacrifice my comfort.

We often use term,I love …this and that.But is it love?

Love is sacrifice where one person get ultimate happiness excluding one’s own comfort and luxuries.It is fullfillment of your thoughts,end of your worries.Love is not for Pleasure.

It is:” के तु जीए,तु खुश रहे,तु आबाद रहे,

मुझे तेरे सारे गम मिले,मै मर जाऊ.जो होना है मुझे हो!”

As For me True love would blossom when one neighbour will not envy another,when you see someone crying their would be tears in your eyes too,When someone’s sad your heart would ache too etc.

It is then the real Love would flourish in the world.All other things are just temporary or fake feelings. 


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