Kab bhala ye waqt gujara,

Kuch pata chala he nahi,

Kab tum meri zindagi mein aaye,

Kuch khabar hua he nahi,

Kab mein tumhein dekhne laga,

Kuch mehsoos hua he nahi,

Kab tum mujhe chahne lage,

Khud tumhein bhi pata nahi,

Dekhte dekhte waqt gujar gaya,

Koi ishaara hua he nahi,

Yaad aate ho bahot,

Par koi chehra dikha he nahi.

English translation:

When did time went away,

I don’t know,

When did you came into my life,

Not a hint i got,

When i started looking at you,

Nothing did i feel,

When did you started liking me,

You also didn’t knew,

Slowly slowly time went through,

Not a word we had,

You’re always in my memory,

But can’t find that face.



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