Para-SF Badges

The Para Commando earns various badges as honours for distinct service and task he does by playing with death, literally! For them, earning a badge is all about ‘do or die’ but beating all odds, the elite soldiers have modified it to ‘do it before you die’.

The hardships,guelling training,all pains are all worth it.

Here are the badges para commandos earn by playing with death:

1. Balidaan Badge: This badge is worn by the Para Special Forces. The badge on the maroon beret speaks volume about who you are and what you are capable of! The Balidaan Badge is earned by just 4-5 volunteers out of selected 100. You really have to be the best to earn it. The Balidaan Badge is only for SF badged members. This includes doctors posted in the unit and has completed probation and service requirements. It is also awarded for first confirmed kill.As the badge says inscribed on it the word “Balidaan” in hindi,literally it means that “I(soldier) am ready to kill and die for my country whenever i am called for it.”

2. Wings: Not essentially a badge, but the wings speak that you are a part of the airborne battalion. They are air dropped behind the enemy lines to cut their supplies, reinforcement and be on standby until the Infantry or Artillery proceeds further. It is a high risk task as they are in the enemy territory at any given time and pose fatal risk of getting detected and attacked.​For earning the wings one probe does 5 jumps during his probation i.e. 4 in daylight and 1 at night. There are several other badges:

1.For Diving.

2.For Combat Free-Falling.

And Many other badges.

But the one that many are fond of is the बलिदान badge.


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