Lieutenant Manoj Kumar Pandey

Lieutenant Manoj Kumar Pandey,a young officer of the 1/11 Gorkha Rifles,fearlessly participated in a series of boldly led attacks at khalubar.On the night of 2-3 July 1999,as his platoon approached his final objective after an arduous climb lasting several hours,it came under heavy and intense enemy fire from the surrounding heights.Manoj’s platoon was nominated to clear the interfering enemy positions.Manoj quickly moved his platoon to an advantageous position and sent one to clear pakistani sangars from the right,while he himself proceeded to clear four other enemy sangars,which were interfering with the attack from the left.Fearlessly charging up to the first sangar,braving a hail of bullets, he killed two enemy soldiers and went on to assault the second. He destroyed it by killing two more enemy personnel.

While clearing the third sangar, Manoj was injured on the shoulder and legs by enemy fire. UNDAUNTED and without caring for his grievous injury, this spirited young officer personally led the assault on the fourth sangar, urging his men on. He succeeded in destroying it with a grenade but even as he hurles a grenade inside, he suatained a medium machine-gun burst on his forehead at virtually point-blank range, to which he succumbed. This singular daredevil act of the young officer provided the critical foothold to the Gorkhas that finally led to the capture of the Khalubar.

Lieutenant Manoj Kumar Pandey was awarded the Param Vir Chakra for his outstanding acts of bravery.

A prose from the book-KARGIL From Surprise to Victory.

This is True Love.


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