Uproot This Evil called Caste based Reservations.

I truly as an indian felt immense painwhile watching a short film based on true story of a boy who belonged to General/Open Category and because of this evil (caste)he died.

Actually he gives his entrance exam for job but he didn’t got the job because the merit was higher but the guy belonging to other caste got the job even if he had less percentage than the one who committed suicide.

The deep rooted caste in India is the actual cause of the reservation system.The skin colour was taken into account at the time when caste system came into being.

In 1950,the quota for backward classes was made and from time to time many new quotas and reservations have been added to this.

Reservation in constitution:

Dr.B.R.Ambedkar had made provisions for the socially backward peoples as those who belongs to different castes as we all know.But why did he brought reservatiins for sc/st’s and obc?

The reason is he wanted the people of india to be equal and to uproot the evil we know as caste as he was knowing and have felt the burns of being a shudra from his childhood.He knew that caste is the cause of all this sufferings,the hate of one person to another.

He tried to uproot this evil by providing reservations in different sectors for backward castes people sothat they can educate themselves and later on have that confidence to earn and live without the need for reservation and with one’s head held high.

On November 30,1948,Dr.Ambedkar had a note of caution for future governments-large scale reservation quotas could destroy the rule of equality of oppurtunity.He advocated that reservation quotas be consistent with article 10(now article 14) of the constitution and must be confined to seats.

He gave a hypothetical ratio of 70 percent reserved seats and 30 percent for unreserved category..His argument then was,”could anybody say that the reservatiins of 30 percent as open to general competition would be satisfactory from the point of view of giving effect to the first principle,namely,that there shall be equality of oppurtunity?”

He said if large number of seats were to be reserved,an individual could go to the courts on the premise that the rule of equality of oppurtunity had been destroyed.   Also he said that the reservations should be kept into action for 30-40 years and in no way should be extended at all by any means.

But congress at that time kept reservatiins for 10 years and later on extended it time after time.

Do we need reservations or quota system in our country?

I believe that give reservations to the poor but not based on caste.When poverty struck someone without seeing his caste then why should the reservation exist based on caste.

A high class family can be poor and a lower caste family can be rich or vice-versa.

The reservations in different sectors should be completely on economic conditions.

How to uproot this caste based reservations?

It is our duty as the responsible citizen of india that we condemn the caste based reservation.

Caste is dividing us.I ask,is it that great than humanity and righteousness? I ask each anc every one of you to write a letter or send a message to our Prime Minister Modi ji on his app.I believe if we just kept crying over and didn’t do anything,that day is not very dar when we will divide this beautiful nation again….

Some lines:

Caste gives misery,

Caste based reservations gives injustice,

And when there is injustice,

There is rebellious uprising,

Which will lead to deatruction ov humanity.

For me,i love my country and i’m an indian first and last.Bharat ki akhandta sadaiv bane rahe yahi kaamna karta hu.


10 thoughts on “Uproot This Evil called Caste based Reservations.

    1. Yes..very true.Religion is meant for to know the purpose of life,what is humanity.But in religion castes are dividing the peoples of that particular religion.
      Politics are done on subjects like religion,sex,nationalist and anti-nationalist etc while political issues are farmers dying measures to solve their problem,infrasttucture developement in rural areas,environmental issues,improvement of health and wealth of economically nomadic tribes etc.
      Politicians know they wont get votes on these above issues but by raising issues like reservations of particular community just because of the vote banks of that politician.
      It pains a lot when i hear people hating each other just because they are of different castes.
      People should acquire knowledge that why the politicians give so much importance to these caste,reservations etc when there are really serious issues to be taken care of.
      I really appreciate kamal Ma’am for your thoughts and true words.Thank you Ma’am

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    1. Sarcasm is nice for humour but for real it is not.No..i can’t accept this charm but want my nation to be really beautiful so that it doesn’t need such false charm.
      Sir,you have accepted i have not,& i’m sure there are many like me.Each and everything that destroys this beautiful rich cultural heritage country’s integrity and security is considered as threat and should be destroyed/taken proper measures and actions respectively.
      I really appreciate your views.Thank you so much for sharing Sir.

      Liked by 1 person

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