Love or wrong love.

Sacrificing for something you believe in,is your love.

But believing that it is right needs firstly to be examined by oneself .

What is right and what is wrong,it would came to know only through our mind.

Loving something which is not good for humanity is not the love worth it at any condition.

False knowledge is the root of loving wrong things and ending up in misery,pain and sufferings.But one can continuously acquire knowledge to know what is right or wrong


13 thoughts on “Love or wrong love.

    1. I can’t agree with you Ma’am.There is wrong love example:The love in the name of jihad and the atrocities these stupids carry out in the name of religion where really these inhumane people doesn’t belong to any.
      And yes Ma’am a regret can be there in heart if you loved a person and find out that it was just for amusement and a hoax.
      I don’t know in this situation if this can be wonderful…
      But Thanks for Sharing.I truly appreciate your views Ma’am.


      1. You are looking at it so wrongly..,

        So sorry that you have to endure such fate ..
        but that isn’t love..

        You have to truly be loved and to love.. to really know what love is..

        And I’m not talking these loveless arrangements..
        that is controlled by some religious reasons.. and determine and choose your mate…

        I think it’s so ugly and awfully wrong. ..

        I’m so thankful I wasn’t born into such conversations..


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