Grenadier Yogendra Singh Yadav

Grenadier Yogendra Singh Yadav was part of the leading team of the Ghatak(Commando) Platoon Tasked to capture Tiger Hill Top on the night of 3/4 july 1999.The approach to the Top,at a height of 16,500 feet,was steep,snow-bound and rocky.He volinteered to lead the assault team and fix a rope for the team.

The Ghataks succeded in surprising the enemy.On seeing his team reach the Top,the enemy reacted violently and opened fire intensely i.e.automatic machine guns,grenade and rocket fire which led to killing of Yogendra singh yadav’s team commander and two colleagues.The further advance of the platoon is stalled.Realizing the gravity of the situation,Yogendra singh yadav crawled up to the enemy positions to silence it and sustained multiple bullet injuries.Disregarding his injuries and braving the thick volley of enemy bullets,he continued towards the enemy-s sangar and lobbed grenades inside,all the while firing from his rifle.He killed four pakistani soldiers in close combat and silenced the automatic fire.In this action and while repulsing a counter-attack,Grenadier Yadav was hit in his left arm and right leg.Undeterred he crawled forward to destroy yet another sangar.Inspired by this fesrless daredevilry,the rest of the Ghatak Platoon fell upon the enemy’s position with vengeance and succeeded i  capturing Tiger Hill Top,a high priority objective.

For most conspicuous courage well beyond the call of duty,Grenadier Yadav was decorated with the Param Vir Chakra,the nation’s highest gallantry award.
From the book:

Kargil-From Surprise to Victory

By  General V.P.Malik


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