Words with A along with their meaning:

1.Aback:Taken by surprise

2.Abandon:To leave forever

3.Abase:To humiliate


5.Abate:To make or become less strong

6:Abbreviate:To shorten

7.Abdicate:To give up power


9.Abet:To encourage someone to do something wrong

10.AbeyanceNot used at present

11.Abhor: To feel hatred or dislike

12.Abide:To accept something in accordance with

13.Abnegate:To give up,renunciation

14.Abound:To exist in large numbers or amounts

15.Abrasive:Unpleasant, grim

16.Abstain:With hold or refrain,cease



19.Abut:To border upon,Adjoin


21.Accede:To Agree,consent

22.Acclivity:Upward Slope


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