Dragunov SVD59

The SVD-59 is a semi-automatic sniper / designated marksman rifle chambered in 7.62×54mmR and developed in the Soviet Union.


Weight 4.30 kg (9.48 lb (with scope and unloaded magazine) 

4.68 kg (10.3 lb (SVDS)

4.40 kg (9.7 lb) (SVU)

5.02 kg (11.1 lb (SWD-M)

Length 1,225 mm (48.2 (SVD) 

1,135 mm (44.7 stock extended 815 mm (32.1 in stock folded (S

900 mm (35.4 in (SVU)

1,125 mm (44.3 (SWD-M)

Barrel length 620 mm (24.4 in (SVD, SWD-M) 

565 mm (22.2 in (SVDS)

600 mm (23.6 in (SVU)

Cartridge 7.62×54mmR 

Action Gas-operated ,

rotating bolt

Rate of fire 30 rounds/min

Muzzle velocity 830 m/s (2,723s) (SVD)

810 m/s (2,657s) (SVDS)

800 m/s (2,624s) (SVU)

Effective firing range 800 m (875 yd)

Feed system 10-round detachable box magazine

Sights PSO-1 telescopi sight, 1PN51 / 1 night vision sig and iron sights and adjustable rear notch sight​


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