Captain Tushar Mahajan.

Captain Mahajan was hit by four bullets when he stormed into the building (Jammu and Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute) to take on the terrorists who have been hiding there after attacking a CRPF convoy in February 2016.

The captain breathed his last at 92 Base Hospital after multiple injuries. The whole town of Udhampur went into shock on the death of its favourite son and a large number of people had assembled in their house to pay their last respects.

Here’s all what we know about this brave-heart:

He was son of a well known Udhampur educationalist and retired principal Dev Raj Gupta and Asha Rani, reports Hindustan Times.

An expert in judo and karate, it was reportedly Mahajan’s childhood dream to join the defence forces and fight for his country.

Today is the birthday of Captain.Tushar Mahajan

“You are an inspiration of true motivation for defence lovers who loves their nation above all”


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