Denel NTW-20


Weight 31 kg (NTW 20),

34 kg (NTW 14.5)

Length 1,795 mm (NTW 20),

2,015 mm (NTW 14.5)

Barrel length 1,000 mm (NTW 20),

1,220 mm (NTW 14.5)

Crew Two; rifle breaks down into two parts for transport and fits into two backpacks weighing 15kg each, one containing the weapon receiver section, while the other contains the barrel and ammunition

Cartridge 20×82mm (NTW 20)

20×110mm Hispano (NTW 20×110mm)

14.5×114mm (NTW 14.5)

Action Bolt action , recoiling barrel

Muzzle velocity 720 m/s (20×82mm)

820 m/s (20×110mm)

1,000 m/s (14.5×114mm)

Effective firing range 1,500m (20×82mm)

1,800m (20×110mm)

2,300m (14.5×114mm)

Feed system 3-round detachable box magazine (20×82mm and 14.5×114mm)

Single shot (20×110mm)

Sights 8 × 56 Lynx

Telescopic sight​


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