Story 4

The two were in love but couldn’t say anything.First year got over tgen second and then the third and final year of their graduation.

It was the last paper.He reached for the paper on time .Both gave their papers ,suddenly after he saw her ,she just gog oug of the next exam hall,she was smiling,she too saw him looking at her,He was looking at her from the window while writing exam.

He got out of the exam hall,she was there.As he got out she wasn’t there ,his face having a smile but inside the pain to leave her forever and not being able to see her ever again. While going he felt that she was somewhere near like always but still standing at the bus stop eyes were looking for her.

This love is not understandable,but it is surely a different one.He had its own duties to do,therefore didn’t showed muchlove but only his heart knows how much he loves her.

If in future she mets somehow to him,he will marry her.His heart doesn’t need any other girlcoz she’s a real pearl.

Respect Love

Love beyond sacrifice.


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