*********INDIA’S FIRSTS*********

*********INDIA’S FIRSTS*********1. India’s first Civil Aviation park – Gujarat

2. India’s first Space park – Bengaluru

3. India’s first solar powered ferry – Kerala

4. India’s first IT co-operative UL CyberPark – Kerala

5. India’s first ever Gender Park – Kerala

6. India’s first LCD panel plant – Maharashtra

7. India’s first railway university set up in – Vadodara, Gujarat

8. India’s first underwater restaurant – Ahmedabad

9. India’s first National Organic Farming Research Institute – Sikkim

10. India’s first Fully Solar powered educational institute – Sri Aurobindo International Centre for Education, Pondicherry

11. India’s first self-cleaning smart toilets have been

installed in – Chennai

12. India’s first digital state – Kerala

13. India’s first rail-auto transportation and logistics hub will come up in which state – Walajabad, Chennai,Tamil Nadu

14. India’s first online interactive heritage portal – Sahapedia

15. First Defence park located in – Ottappalam,kerala

16. India’s first textile University in surat

17. India’s First water metro in kochi

18.India’s first medical devices park- gujarat

19.South India gets its first children’s court in-Hyderabad

20. India’s first e-court-Hyderabad

21.India’s first gender university-Kerala

22.India’s first ‘Women Entrepreneurs Park’-Uttarakhand

23.India’s first smart grid – Gurugram,Haryana

24.India’s first Green Rail Corridor-Tamiln


25.India’s first LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) laboratory -Aundh in Hingoli district of Maharashtra

26.India’s first,Commercial Court, Commercial Disputes Resolution Centre-Raipur, Chattisgarh

27. India’s first AYUSH university-Haryana

28.India’s first facility to produce nickel was launched by the Hindustan Copper Limited (HCL) Jharkhand


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