Heart & Mind

Heart is the most powerful thing,it can create happiness or it can destroy peace.
Mind is the only source of power that can control heart’s varying beats.You can love someone with all heart,but the mind shows us the right path at right time.Our conscience and mind work together to find truth.

Anyone who lies to you cannot love you truly except for your parents,coz they would saylie for your good while others would lie to you for their own benefits or to stop your developemental growth.

See betrayal is necessary you come to know the true colour of people who are your friends,your mates.

Lies are of faint hearted,truth are of the courageous one.

People talking behind are cowards,speaking truth are brave son.

One who cannot dare to speak the truth are always bound by their lies,

And those who speak the truth are bound by limitless might,

Happiness is for the child hearted person who speaks truth,

Sorrow and misery is for wholly materialistic people who lied in each others sight.


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