Remember there are some who doesn’t need flesh, but the soul to live with. 

Remember there are some who loves you for your behavior not for your looks. 

Remember there will be many who would want you just for timepass ,

Remember there are few or one who would want you for life. 

Remember in search of materialistic ,temporary happiness, you could lose the permanent happiness. 

Remember there’ll be time when everyone would love to have you bcoz for them you’re a profit. 

Remember when the day comes where you didn’t have anything for them you’re a loss and would not be there for you anymore. 

Remember the real friends are mostly one or two, doesn’t matter how vast your friend circle is. 

Remember those who are besties are just our co-passengers in this journey of life. 

Remember never hurt someone who respects you. 

And Remember never give much importance to those who makes you laugh for their own benefit.


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