Chhatrapati Shivaji Shahaji Bhosale Maharaj..

Today is the birth anniversary of the the Great King Chhatrapati Shivaji Shahaji Bhosale,who is also known as the Father of Indian Navy.
Now, Why Shivaji is known as Father of Indian Navy?

Shivaji built a strong naval presence across long coast of Konkan and Goa to protect sea trade, to protect the lands from sack of prosperity of subjects from coastal raids, plunder and destruction by Arabs, Portuguese, British, Abyssinians and pirates. Shivaji built ships in towns such as Kalyan, Bhivandi, and Goa for building fighting navy as well as trade. He also built a number of sea forts and bases for repair, storage and shelter. Shivaji fought many lengthy battles with Siddis of Janjira on coastline. The fleet grew to reportedly 160 to 700 merchant, support and fighting vessels. He started trading with foreigners on his own after possession of eight or nine ports in the Deccan. Shivaji’s admiral Kanhoji Angre is often said to be the “Father of Indian Navy”

Muslims were also a significant part of Maratha Navy.

Shivaji had several noteworthy Muslim soldiers, especially in his Navy. Ibrahim Khan and Daulat Khan (both were African descendants) were prominent in the navy; and Siddi Ibrahim was chief of artillery.Muslim soldiers were known for their superior skills in naval and artillery combat skills.

Maratha Navy was strong and defended India against many foreign forces.

Most important reason is that people can relate to the part of history when Maratha existed. Period of Mauryas and Guptas are long gone. Forget about dates even the years are not clear. When we talk about their glory we refer to history written by foreign sources. No doubt India saw its golden age at the time of Guptas and Muryas but that age is long gone. This is not the case with Maratha. We can relate to this part of the history.

Its a different thing that some people treat the glory of Maratha as glory of Marathas only and not of whole India.

The modern Indian navy is indeed an extension of the navy created by Great Marathas and hence Shivaji is referred as Father of Indian Navy.


25 thoughts on “Chhatrapati Shivaji Shahaji Bhosale Maharaj..

      1. Shaista khan was in Pune for more than three years fighting the Marathas and looted most of the part of Shivaji’s kingdom. Due to this long stayed and unwanted guest, the financial condition of the Maratha state was terrible. So to improve his finances, Shivaji planned to attack Surat, a key Mughal power centre, and a wealthy commercial centre which was used to generate more than a million rupees in taxes during that period.

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      2. It was a battle.Not just a loot as you say. And very basic rule of battle is, you can’t believe your enemy to stay quiet if you’re attacking. You’re asking how justifiable is it?
        I’m asking how justified it is in first place to loot Maratha regions firstly?

        The defences of the city were poor, as the local Subedar, Inayat Khan appointed by Aurangzeb, had only 1000 men at his command. After sacking the Mughal garrison Shivaji attacked the port of Surat and set the local shipping industry ablaze.
        Shivaji Maharaj respected every religion and most of all women. He didn’t attack to kill innocent people. His battle was against the wrong.

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      3. You earlier said to improve his financial conditions Lootera Shivaji attacked Surat.
        Two wrongs don’t make a right.
        He may
        My point is a person who instigates loot can no way be great.
        At times I wonder are all marathas self centered like Lootera Shivaji , BalaSaheb and his successors?


      4. Yeah to improve his financial conditions, which was effect of the mughals raid. Then he raided the wealth capital Surat of Aurangzeb.
        First of all do you know the meaning of the word Loot here in this context?
        Shivaji was & is a king, but not the only king who looted each other’s kingdom, provinces.
        You don’t have right to call someone lootera if you don’t know anything. Just admit it. You have crossed the line.
        All Maratha’s are self centered really?
        Have you any knowledge of what you are speaking. Maratha’s are Indians.
        Don’t try to divide us. I feel offended.

        I don’t know about politicians and I don’t give a damn about politician and his successors.
        I just know that Shivaji was one of its kind.
        But there are still who truly respect and admire what Maharaj had done in his short life span of 50year’s.

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  1. Kis insaan k baare mein keh rahe ho woh toh socha.. Father of Indian Navy. Aapko Kya lagta hai, unhe Ye khitab Bharat ki aur se kyun mila hoga?
    Mujhe lagta hai aap ne bhi kahi se Kuch padhkar Ye kaha/likha hai.

    Agar aap rajput par heavy taxes ki baat Kar rahe ho toh ik baar phir gehen tarike se padh lijiye.Mujhe yakeen Aapko jawab mil jayega?

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    1. bahot saare galat logon ko alag alag fathers ka darja diya gaya hai Hindustan mein, yeh lootera bhi un mein se ek tha. being a resident of Gujarat, I also feel hurt that he had to come and loot one of the most prosperous cities of Gujarat. Kisi wajah se tumhare ghar mein financial crisis hoga to tum bagal wale padosi ko loot loge?????????


      1. Are unhone koi gujarat ko nahi loota balki unhone Aurangzeb ko loota jinhone pehle maratha region ko loota.
        Aur Ye lootera Kehna band Karo. He is considered as the Father of the Indian Navy.
        And aur ik baat gujarat Nahi pehle desh aata hai

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      2. Ha.. Toh Surat sheher kis k control mein tha.aur waha ka aawa gaman ka tax kon leta tha.
        Baat Sach ki hai. Marathas ki baat maine nahi pehle aap ne ki thi. Yaad kijiye are all Marathas self centered?
        Aur baat isliye Kar raha hu kyu ki Sach jaroori hai.
        Are aap desh k veer jinke,upar duniya Aaj tak shansodhan Kar rahi hai, veer Shivaji ko aap unhe lootera keh rahe ho?
        Kisi ka naam kharab Karne se pehle socha kijiye Kara, kyu ki aap ka Ye vichaar aap k sangat mein Jo hai un mein bhi aayega jab aap is vishay ko lekar baat karoge. Aur unse Kisi aur mein..
        Article from economic times:5 Jan, 2014

        RAIGAD: BJP’s prime ministerial candidate
        Narendra Modi today said Maratha warrior king
        Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had not looted Surat, but plundered Mughal emperor Aurangazeb ‘s treasure in the city with the help of local people.
        “Saying that Shivaji Maharaj looted Surat would be an insult to the Maratha warrior,” said Modi during a function at the Raigad fort organised by Sangli-based foundation Shiv Pratishthan.
        “He looted Aurangazeb’s treasure with help of local people which was used for welfare of the common man,” he said.
        A “distorted” image of Shivaji has been projected for long, Modi said.
        “He is shown just as a warrior. But, Shivaji was an excellent administrator whose style of functioning is relevant even today. This aspect is ignored,” Modi lamented.
        Local Shiv Sena MP Anant Gite, Leader of Opposition in Legislative Council Vinod Tawde and Maharashtra BJP president Devendra Phadanvis were present during the function, attended by over 7,000 people.
        Tight security was put in place at the Raigad fort for the event.

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      3. Do politicians have a moral standing? Why do you feel I need to believe Modi, he can alter his statement when he’s done with Maharashtra. Lotera Shivaji had not only looted the government but the people too, he had destroyed 3/4th of Surat.

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      4. If you keep saying like this..Really I can’t help it. You need to read books. Search in history. Don’t ask me coz your mind gates are shut .I told you why he raided and whom he raided? Still you are on the same line that he is a lootera and looted people. I had told you it was kings and their provinces for which they fought battles. Still you can’t understand?
        I suggest you should read:
        New Cambridge History Of India
        Book by Burton Stein.

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      5. No.. You can’t. May I know what are the e facts you are talking about?
        Just chanting one line and that is Shivaji is a lootera and he looted Surat. What else did you said?
        I gave you the reason why he raided Surat? How he did?
        But I want to make clear that I never said that he raided with the intention of killing people,burning their homes just for fun.

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      6. There’s nothing like authority here.I can say that you can’t bcoz I have read history so I do know. I’m just replying that you believe that I’m not able to understand what you’re saying, right?
        What are you saying, Shivaji is a lootera, he looted people ,he kill and burnt houses,2/3rd of Surat. What
        else are you saying?
        I had gave you reasons why and how he did it ?
        In the sense in which you are saying lootera Shivaji, then all the revolutionaries who looted money wealth during British rule you would call them as also “lootera”.

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