Stop Rape Culture.. 

Everyday there are news on TV channels about women, girl, child getting raped. 

Why does this happen?

In India, everyday about 93 cases are of women getting raped. Is the sexual urge of a man more important than someone’s life. 

A woman is a human first, then mother, daughter, sister etc. The role she plays in her life are very difficult.

So why such brutal, inhuman things are happening in our society. Some say the way they talk,their attire, their makeup etc. While some say it happens when one could not control oneself. 

To those I say, Their makeup, clothes urges you simply don’t look at them. Respect should be in the observer’s eyes for what she is. Not for what she wears. 

For the others who could not control themselves , get the operation done on yourself .All sexual urges will end forever. 

Izzat nazar mein Uski ,

Uske svabhaav ki honi chahiye, 

Naa ki uske kapdo ki. 

Aur Jo Nahi samjhe toh woh apne ghar mein maa behen toh hogi, unhe puch Lena kyu pehnti ho…? Is baar yakeen hai jawab jaroor mil jayega. 

  • One mistake that girls do:
  • Firstly they doesn’t respect themselves bcoz I have heard and seen some saying Tere maa ki..? Tere behen ki..? 
  • So, the girls who can’t respect themselves and abusing oneself are also responsible for. 

Around 84% of the world’s population  who are raped know their assailants. 


14 thoughts on “Stop Rape Culture.. 

    1. It’s shameful, barbaric,..if this world doesn’t care about women ,then for sure one day there will be upsurge of anger which will lead to destruction of lives.
      I really appreciate you reading this post and sharing your thoughts on this post. My pleasure Ma’am👍

      Liked by 1 person

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