Travelling alone makes me happy, it gives me a free mind to observe things, surrounding areas, persons, talking with the people. When you travel alone your confidence gets boosted. When you’re on your own then only one can really claim over his life as his own,a different world reality opens  in front of us. There’s no friends, no family just me. 
I learned to communicate, I improvised, I adapt and I adapted what I learn in real situations. According to the situation, there’s change in our behaviour but when we are with friends or family we sometimes show that we are concrete. 

While travelling you get different kinds of experiences and most importantly you get to know who you truly are. One can say that he is alone but are we really? 

I don’t think so bcoz during the whole journey you meet so many people, talk to them, walk with them, share your thoughts and experiences etc. 

No one is alone till the time that his own people who he/she knows makes him/her feel like that. 

“journey is not a race to complete but a collection of experiences ”

Enjoy the journey of night 🌃.. My bloggers. Sweet Dreams 😌


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