Heartpains to let you go,
You may be thinking how careless I’m I know, 

But what’s best for you I’m doing that my love, 

In front of you I smile but it’s not easy to show. 

Inside in my heart i die every second, 

Oh I’m OK Just runnin’ painful errand, 

I do not love you, 

Day by day it’s becoming harder for me to pretend. 

Undefiled my love for you remains forever, 

Don’t cry just smile and laugh, me you shouldn’t bother, 

Life has made this fateful decision, 

We both are our love’s silent author. 

Tears are dropping while writing this, 

I’ll always  remember you and miss, 

I have never given to anyone and never will, 

This is from my heart and soul, a good night 🌃 kiss. 


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