What’s loyalty? We should learn from our companions that is animals like a dog.

They are true friends, always have and always will be. There’s an understanding between the two i. e. Man and a dog. I wouldn’t say that he is a master of that dog but prefer to be called as true friends of each other. 

There aren’t any conditions only pure love. No need of beautiful words or things just being together makes them happy and relaxed and relieved from stress. No need for any surprise but every time they see each other as they have known each other for years. Standing on last two legs, hugging each other every day. 

Loyalty of that friend(dog) is waiting for his friend to come. Not leaving him in any circumstances even if he is not being able to provide him someday food. 

I think that true friendship, Love etc. resides where there are no expectations coz he is giving already what one has. True love is beyond expectations, surprises, kissing and hugging, being together.May be it can be but firstly it is all about being loyal and faithful. And where there is truth there is loyalty and pure love. 

Not like us humans being,that is together for some months /years and when it starts to feel bored then to say that it’s not working between us. Even if it is  not working just remember why you loved him and if you really doesn’t think then you really didn’t know what love is. 

There will surely be hard times but you need to stick together. Hard times come to check that are you really truly for each other. 


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