Father’s Love.. 

Why are you upset with me? 
My dear, say something, 

You are the only one I know , 

I’m sorry not to have known that you’re  working. 

My little girl , 

You’re my world, 

your childhood u made me smile, 

When you were born the finger of your little hands around mine’s curled. 

Never ever get upset with me, 

Coz you are the one I work for & Cherish,

I may not be intelligent like you are now, 

You made my tiny world embellish. 

I got mine beautiful daughter, 

I want nothing more, 

She’s with me & loves me heartedly I know, 

My beautiful life, I Adore. 

Quote:”Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad.


13 thoughts on “Father’s Love.. 

    1. Yes.. I will always cherish this comment. Wow.. I just tried my best to convey the meaning of true love where in this world people are falling in love with one another each day, as per thinking true love is not that. But the love that doesn’t require any conditions ,like a father and his daughter. True love resides in heart and soulful mind not outer beauty of bodies. Thanks.. Sir for your much appraising words. 😇😊

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      1. But u wrote so well Ravi, I simply loved this great relationship and so true as u said about today relations where Love has disappeared. Ravi go and see my post of today you will like it very much. Do comment no let me know how I have written. Thanks 🙏

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