Why is this discrimination? 

We live in a world where there is peace,we have freedom of expression, speech, etc. But still we say that we are not happy. 
What about those who are living in war zones like Afghanistan and Iraq, Syria’s Aleppo city etc. The people living there are facing many problems but still don’t cry over things like we do. What is their definition of peace? 

In my thinking they just need to get away from everyday firing, killings, innocent people getting hurt/killed.There they want nothing more than to see the end of this vicious war. Thousands of families broken, dreams saw in morning shattered at night ,what their heart and mind must be going through? 

We have peace, then why shouldn’t they have peace.Why is there this discrimination over peace? 

We have autonomy to provide justice, equality, liberty, fraternity etc. What do they have ?why is this always like this that some have to bear immeasurable pain while other get luxuries? 

Peace is being living in harmony with the society,to cooperate with each other to have better present and future. But people who lives in cities fight over small things. Really do we know the meaning and importance of peace, freedom. Aren’t we abusing rights? 

Peace can only be felt by the one who have felt disharmony. Is this the correct interpretation then? 

We are all humans then why can’t we all live in peace? 


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