I miss my childhood days. 

I miss my childhood days, 
I miss my happy face, 

I miss that innocent hearts, 

I miss that fighting parts, 

I miss that lovely place, 

I miss that people’s grace, 

I miss my brave friends, 

I miss my daily trends,

I miss that beautiful nature, 

I miss that portraiture, 

I miss being away from pain, 

I miss of getting hurt in that(childhood days) rain, 

I miss being a happy, adventurous soul, 

I miss being playing that hero’s role, 

I miss my school days, 

I miss that stupid plays, 

I miss my daily discoveries,

I miss my every new memories, 

I miss to go to school walking, 

I miss being silent when my friends are talking, 

I miss to go anywhere without any worries, 

I miss after school to steal that cherries 🍒, 

I miss my grandma who loves me a lot, 

I miss her giving me thing’s and saying u forgot, 

I miss my beating of my mother, 

I miss of being protected from my father, 

I miss throwing stones to drop berries, 

I miss getting scolded ,it was like everyday merries,

I miss my brave heart, 

I miss my everyday rebelling start,

I miss so many things, 

I miss that uncaged flying bird ‘s wings. 

Quote:”Childhood is the only time when you had that eye of the tiger 🐯, brave heart, innocent soul and caring feelings,Extravagant mind, no limits. “


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