True love doesn’t let you  forget because your heart never mends.

True love won’t be easy to have because it is one pure form of bliss. 

True love doesn’t have to be always together because you are always connected wirelessly.

True love doesn’t necessarily mean that you get what you have love but to let go for good. 

True doesn’t let you fail because you have passed in love. 

True love is hard to find because it will find you. 

True love will make you cry because it is all you want. 

True love doesn’t mean being materialistic because it the wisdom of heart & soul. 

True love won’t be killed it remains alive in memories. 

True love doesn’t get away because the bodies do, not souls. 

True love won’t hurt because it gives the pleasure of being getting loved. 

True love can’t be measured because it is endless. 

True love is being with or without each other because at the end it is the feelings of heart that matters.

True love doesn’t have a happy ending because it never ends.  


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