I love sa…i

How do I say to her? She is  all good and I’m a little shy maybe I don’t know how to make sure that she too 😍 loves me. 

I cannot see her 😔 sad still I act like I don’t care about her.But my heart only knows what pain I’m in to see my love in that sad mood.She is beautiful like if I ever get to look at her it’s hard for me to stop looking at her. 😓 Therefore I don’t look at her.

I know that we won’t be together forever but somewhere along the lines I started to feel love.I don’t know maybe I’m stupid or idiot not to say anything about her to anyone  or am I afraid? 

But I’m not afraid of anything in life then why whenever she’s around I blush… I admit it and it’s damn true.. Am I being insouciant about our 😍 love? 

What should I do? Am I  crazy ?


2 thoughts on “I love sa…i

  1. Judge the possibility of being together brother, in this society true and divine love is always murder by fake values and believe me after loving her by all of yours will not allow you to easily forget or move on from her..
    Regards – A victim 🙂

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    1. I don’t know I am from a middle class family and she is from a very rich..
      And now it’s all like we don’t even see each others face..
      You’re so generous.It’s not easy to forget but then I realized when was it easy to love.. I did but never said to her.But we both know that we love each other and that’s 100% sure.
      Thank you for your kind and motivating words .Have a great day ahead.. Good Morning 😀


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