Aleppo’s war

In Aleppo, Syria, four-year-old Esraa and her brother Waleed, three, sit on the ground near a shelter for internally displaced persons. Photo: UNICEF/UN013175/Al-Issa 
War does not decide who is right but who is left and same it is happening in the aleppo , a city in syria.

There is ongoing war between president,Bashar-al-assad’s soldiers and a group of fighters known as rebels,who don’t want him to be in power.

Because it is fought between two sides within the same country,it is considered as a civil war.

How it started?

It all started in the year 2011 when 15 school childrens werr arrested & tortured for writing anti government graffiti on wall.peoples protested peacefully but govt.responded angrily and opened fire on the protestors killing 4 people.

The next day they  shot at mourners at victims funerals,killing another person.people were shocked and there started an outrage of anger in people against the the country.


Tons of peoples have lost their lives & lakhs have left the city to save theirs.Schools are destroyed childrens are homeless.

Major part in the war ix played by Russia,the airstrikes on the country led to killing thousands of innocent lives.


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