Please Respect Girls..

​Why do some males abuse women/girls? Why can’t they talk to them with respect.
In groups,boys’s young generation talk about girls various parts.They talk vulgar but not respecting them,they want a gf just to satisfy them.My mind & heart can’t handle this.

I have seen people too…one incident i would like to share,at around 10 a.m.i was travelling by bus to college.I asked for a ticket to the bus conductor.He gave me ticket and started conversation with me.At the next stop some college girl students boarded.He (conductor) asked buspass or ticket.They all replied pass.Now he started to ask me about them,first are they from your college? I replied maybe i don’t know.Then he said does wearing that tight jeans doesn’t bother the college.Look at that girl she is wearing this & that..does wearing short skirts are allowed in your college.

I replied this is a free country they have all rights to wear what they like,they don’t need to ask to anyone.

He said , but don’t u know what happens in world,everyday news.Girls are getting raped,a small child of 5 years got raped.They shouldn’t wear this kind of clothes they arouses men & then such blatant things happens.

I was not able to speak for a moment,there was anger so bad that i would have beaten him right there but this ravindra (now ) is different.I told him that there are some whose lust for flesh doen’t end & this mindset that girls should not do things that makes feel them good is absolutely wrong.

I was not being in a mood now to control myself and was to burst out my anger on him.

“It’s not eyes but the eyes of thinking good.”

And my stop came.i & that girls departed at the stop.

So i just want to tell that stop this girl abuse coz this is harming our country’s young generations.My friends in college too does this same thing & everytime they say any vulgar things about their private parts ,i get high on anger but i know  that they won’t change.

Not all but there are some girls who are like this groups of boys.

Remaining others are pure don’t abuse them.And if someone abuses you kick him in between legs with full respect ,i am saying this.


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