Why this gap between rich & poor?

Rich and poor two economical based societies.Both are humans but some get a luxurious life while some throughout their life searches for little things like earning and providing for their families.This paradoxical life exists,some everyday fight for their bread while some fight how to earn more money.Some are fighting for their livelihood while some are fighting for power.

The Rich has power to control over the poor while poor can also have power over rich but they are busy in their daily routine life.The rich uses their authority to manipulate the poor peoples life.Like politicians uses their power to gain vote and then some of them abuse their power of authority to inculcate wealth by sanctiining large amounts in the name of this people’s developement.

This difference between these two classes will always remain as one will try to abuse wealth in the name of another.This gap needs to be reduce and one day totally destroyed.


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