Story…part3 –


​Love was blooming like flowers bloom in their hearts.He totally set his mind not to fall for her but somewhere he started to care for her while not showing any expressions. Even in holidays Her heart & mind was all concentrated on him.
After S.Y completion,they were having holidays.She did checked him,by asking friends where he is & other things.

Now it’s gonna be the last year of their college life and they will be graduates.Even now they haven’t talked to each other after that last conversation which was not more than 2 minutes.

Holidays ended, last year of their graduation course started.There were 2 semesters in one year.             So the classes for first sem. Started     Everyday both started coming to college.Life was same also this year companies were recruiting students.Both of their dreams were different he wanted to join defence while she wish her own dream to fullfill.

All the things they had for each other were going to end this year.Hearts♥ will be broken in this year.Both were recondite .                   No love was expressed from both sides.They became totally stubborn.He realised how can their be love between us,he started to prepare for his competitive exams but still she had something in her heart what if she let him go and oneday saw him with someone else?                                  ..                   On the other side he was such a person who would not care to look at any other girl.Somewhere she was now trying to keep distance from him,internally becoming effete.The unknown person she was trying to know didn’t know much about love. Semester 1 exams were starting, friends did said to him to speak to her but he know that he is very much different from her.Semester 1 exams started,both were in the same block.It was nice feeling everyday to look at her and she did too saw him & sighs relief.                   After second last paper while going to catch bus he saw her waiting at the bus stop.But he didn’t uttered a word and pass by,immediately after 5 minutes catching a bus and went home. 

It was last exam paper and then another one month diwali holidays. Both gave their exams and went home.

But somewhere there is still love  coz with distance thry didn’t forget each other,their love or caring whatever it is didn’t got weary with time like many others.They didn’t talk but they had something which no other couple had before.The silence & eyes were the most eloquent reply to each other.It is true there is love without words,it exists without physical contact,it exists even you are miles away.                  There is love in the eyes,in that smile in that every look she gave to him.​


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