Humans & Earth

​We humans are really very paradoxical.We build houses by breaking houses.
For ex:we cut trees which is home for many birds to build birdhouse.

We are the most intelligent creature on the planet but still sometimes we are the most stupidest.We create  energy using energy resources.                                  We as humans are always on the path of discovering new things but is it really that necessary to put our mother earth in danger in the race/name of developement.Today the glaciers are melting due to rise in greenhouse gases.The increase in sea level posesses threat to islands & coastline of different nations.

Not only the greenhouse effect but also we are destroying our natural habitats for our own sake.The other living creatures are suffering because of us.Some have become extinct while some are on the verge of extinction.

Humans are intelligent but still cannot understand each other.we give slogans that we need to protect this & that but why is there a need to protect?         Is it not us responsible for everything That now  there is need for protection.

Earth without us would be full of different creatures, greenery.But with us existing we have given earth big buildings,cutting forests to build parks,etc.    We say that we have given so much to mother earth but in reality we have taken from it.we have abused our own planets resources in a sense & this will eventually lead to disasters in future towards extinction 

We need to think & act accordingly 


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