Early morning exercise

​Deolali Camp is situated at a distance of 16 km from Nasik. It is one of the oldest and important military centres of India. The camp is surrounded by playgrounds, gardens and wide roads. It was originally established by the British in 1861 as the military psychiatric hospital. The other nearby places of attraction are; Temple Hill, Khandobachi Tekadi known for the temple of Lord Khandoba and the Deolali Market that is famous for selling unique items.
At 4:00 am woked up,got laces of shoes tied together for a wonderful jog for khandobachi temple,devlali.

Me with my little brother ran and went up that  hill.The feeling inside me was extraordinary and immaculate.we were not stopping for anything.

Did some push-ups,kicks,some legs exercises.My brother he got tired so i gave a piggyback ride to him while returning home.

Awesome start of the day…Good Morning Everyone


4 thoughts on “Early morning exercise

  1. wow! That sounds like an awesome morning and time spent with your brother! Thanks for giving us the view of the place through your eyes, never been there, so was good to hear about it 🙂

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  2. My pleasure..yeah it’s very pleasant climate here,a little cold had startec to mix with the air here.
    Thanks for ur views.I feel very nice whenever u give ur views,thoughts which helps me to improve my further posts.:-)☆★★★★


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