Is pak isolated?

Our P.M Narendra Modi’s strong stand on pakistan’s  terrorist activities has made it globally to isolate itself.                                                         “There will be no soft approach towards terrorism or separatism. Today, Pakistan, a sponsor of terrorism, has been isolated at the global level due to the Modi government’s strong policy on national security,” he said.                             Terrorism has not only affected india or any other country but also pakistan.Several terrorist organizations leaders are freely residing in pakistan.Recently there has been news Dawood ibrahim residing in pakistan.                                How can pakistan give passports and issues visa’s to such wanted person?

Ambassador Husain Haqqani, a Hudson Institute Senior Fellow and Director for South and Central Asia served as Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States after Mumbai attacks of November 2008. A passionate advocate for the need for Pakistan to change its attitude and policy towards India, Haqqani spoke to Sunil Raman about his new book, India vs Pakistan-Why can’t we just be friends? and on developments in Pakistan today.
Ambassador Haqqani, in your new book focused on India-Pakistan relations you have argued “why can’t we just be friends”.  Why do India and Pakistan need to be friends?

They have 5,000 years of shared history and 70 years of Partition. Nehru recognised that it’s difficult for two countries that have had long history to be indifferent. One way is as some say to be enemies. The other choice is to be friends.I have listed factors that impede friendship. Primarily for psychological reasons the two have not been able to be friends. At the end of the day both history and geography dictate that we should be good neighbours and good friends. Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah said he expected that after an initial phase the two countries would settle down like between US and Canada. Both recognise each other as separate nations, have sovereign equality but after that they have virtually open borders, shared policing, no militarisation along borders.

They still have nine pending dispute. That doesn’t come in the way of free trade and flow of investment and capital. Such an arrangement would benefit both India and Pakistan.

How can there be friendship whenPakistan sponsors and backs terrorism against India? From Kargil to Mumbai attacks to Pathankot attack…Pakistan boycotted the South Asian connectivity plan put forward by PM Modi at Saarc Summit, India’s demand for land access to Afghanistan has not been accepted…

There can be no friendship or goodneighbourly relationship in the presence of terrorism. Terrorism has to be shut down. Pakistan must understand that continued support or even tolerance for jihadis will result in their international isolation. As for Pakistan’s tendency to try and oppose all regional arrangements I would only say that it is a short term view which will be swept aside by the logic of economics and history. Right now South Asia is the least connected region in the world. Last month the African Union has agreed to start issuing African Union passports. A significant proportion of Asean trade is between members. The European Union and the three North American countries – Canada, US and Mexico – have 50 percent of their global trade with one another. In South Asia total volume of regional trade as part of the total trade is only 5 percent. It is easier to fly from Pakistan to Dubai than it is to fly to rest of South Asia.

Pakistan can hold up regional integration only up to a point, irritation with this attitude of Pakistan will see it lose friends both in the region and outside. It is a matter of time before folks in Islamabad wake up and ask themselves a question whether it is worth to lose the advantage of having many friends because rest of the friend sees India differently. 

Pak needs to stop terror  organizations to build on its soil,or globally it will be isolated?

But there are no reactions and actions regarding this terrorism.              


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