​He didn’t know what he said.But heart was beating like a engine..Evry vein was fuelling and pumping blood as the adrenaline rush started to increase.                       Her smile and shyness made him  to think about her.The madam(teacher) was looking at him  and he was standing like a lifeless thing.
Again oneday,the e.v.s project was to be made in group,a friend ♥included my name too.& she too was in that group.                                     All were sitting near the lab,She too was there.His heart again felt it,he sat there with his friend playing rhombix.She was working on laptop.                                                         She called him & said”R… may i try to solve the rhombix cube”  His legs became heavy, breathing was constant though.He got up from that place and started moving towards her.He gave that rhombix to her looking at her hands.He sat beside a friend not her.But was looking with amazement.Never saw more adorable,innocent face like her’s.Immersed in her doings he was constantly looking without any hesitation.                                                 He knows what he is losing?but her happiness comes first.He had his own problems to overcome.

That moment,that total 1 min and some seconds he know will never come again in his life and was the most heart throbbing experience for him.He never went that close to her and never in life to any other girl..

Everyday was starting with her name and ending same like.

Days went goin’on and again the final exam came which meant to be apart from one another till the holidays.But now it was very hard to resist and make one’s mind to stop from getting that path for him.         Last day of clg,last paper, s.y was at near end in one day.                            At morning,in the lawn he was studying for that day’s respective subject & she came she was looking but he was really hard,stubborn,he made his mind to let her live life she was living.

He didn’t talk to her and went away after giving last exam paper.              The thoughts he had in his mind was that he is not that good for her.   She deserves the best,she deserves to live not die living,she is beauty at heart so she should have someone extraordinary….

What do u think of that guy/girl?


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