Story –

Living in agony,pain was hard for her without telling him anything.He was too starting to feel the vibe of her innocent love♥.But mind dither,her sancrosanct presence made him wonder..why someone so beautiful,so blithe person loves him?

$he started to insinuate?he too noticed but never understood in its full.Both were in the rain of love feeling evry drop giving life to them.

Nights were like a situation of insomnia(lacking sleep) but full of each others thoughts & dreams.Abstrusive were both to each other.Unequivocally they loved.

She tried many times to say at once but never he understood.

And one day in lectures when mam was asking him question, his tongue slipped and he said something that made her believe(hinted) he loves her.

Again heart beats rised ,he didn’t know what he said? His friends were looking at him cheering.​


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