So here it is my first story..

It is a story of two beautiful persons ,one is really different from the other.A beautiful girl with kind ♥ & the boy with aura of his own. His presence always made her   smile with flowers blossoming in her heart.

Both were studying for same course.Very much different from each other.She was a free person,jocous but him was hard,& does not use to speak much,a reticent person.

Dont know what see saw in that guy & fall for him maybe his way of treating others.. In one moment,she fall for him.Everyday she was excited to see him.Everyday she use to try to get closer to him.

But he was unaware of how much she loved him.He was free but reticent person,livin’ in his world.Both were studying in same class,but never spoke with each other.

One year gone,holidays started.she was thinking that may be,he is not that person.But when again second year started she didn’t stop yet.

She used to stare him.As both were friends on fb,one day that boy msg her why are you always staring at me?His hands were shivering,face sweating coz never in his life he talked to any girl.

The reply came what do you mean?

What are u talking about?    

He didn’t know what to write..but he wrote that mein kuch alag dikhta hoon kya?

She replied tum kyu alag dikhoge?

Then he thought that may be he is getting into some he said sorry and reply “ok”.logged out

But soon that boy started to realize that something is there in her heart for him…                                                      He was a simple guy,he never thought of it seriously & started livin’ the same as usual


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