O.P. Jaisha malign by AFI.

Atheletics Federation of India tried to malign athelete O.P. jaisha,marathon runner about her statements that she was not given any refreshments/water at any booth.
The 33year old Athelete gave her 100% she said in a really heart broken voice.she said”During 42km marathon the indian refreshment booth was empty with no official.I fainted & could have died but i completed my race.What i had lost no one can understand.It was my dream to be at olympics and give my 100%.I know that i hadn’t got any medal but i always wanted to give my personal best”.

Now the question is why there was not a single official out of total 64 officials.
And given 16 officials were specifically for atheletics,where were they during Athelete O.P.Jaisha’s race?
The AFI says that it denies all statements of the athlete and claims it false ,misleading and trying to defame.
Under the skin of rules of Rio olympics they cannot hide their mistakes.
Every country provided refreshments except for India.
They are shamelessly trying to defend themselves and not have the courtesy to accept their mistakes and show some respect towards the athelete who represented India at Rio olympics.

Why the coach was detained for fighting with officials to check if she was dead or alive.
No water was given to her during the race.
  In that condition she completed the race and fainted as soon as she reach after finish line but at the finish line also there was no indian official & the medical staff of Rio took her on a stretcher to clinic where she was put in a box full of ice to cool her body temperature.About 2-3 hours she was unconcious and not a single officials was there.
Under article 240 of IAAF’S 2016-17 guidelines,booths were to be manned by respective country officials.


A athelete who showed super human strength & courage to complete the race risking her life.
And still what AFI is showing it’s arrogance.
I don’t know that how much one can be so inhumane.
But i know one thing that whole nation with her.
What is more shameful to a country?


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