OTA Chennai.


Seven Officers Training Schools were established
in India between 1942-45 to meet the huge
demand for officers to serve in the Indian and
Commonwealth Armies during World War II.
However, these schools were closed down at the
end of the war.
In 1962, following the Sino-Indian War, India
identified the need to expand the number of
officers for effective operations. Two Officers
Training Schools (OTS) were established in Pune
and Madras (now known as Chennai) to train
officers for Emergency Commission into the
Army. The process of establishing the schools
was begun in September 1962. The Chennai
school was inaugurated on 15 January 1963, with
Brigadier Ram Singh as its first Commandant.
The Pune school had a short run and was closed
in 1964. However, the school in Chennai
continued to operate and on 2 February 1965, it
obtained the sanction to shift focus to train
officers for the Short Service Regular
The Short Service Regular Commission has
evolved into the Short Service Commission, and
the OTS has continued to train officers for
these commissions. The school was granted
permanent status in 1985. On 1 January 1988,
the school was renamed as the Officers Training
Academy (OTA), at par with the NDA and IMA.
The first batch of 25 women to be commissioned
as officers into the Army, were trained at the
OTA with training commencing on 21 September


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