Why this insensitivity towards soldiers?

Today,i was watching news and what i saw was that there was a debate going on a topic-#Demolishedby corruption on Newshour.Now that a martyred soldier “Lt.Colonel Niranjan”..
Let me refresh memories of Pathankot Air base attack where while during combing operations Lieutenant Colonel Niranjan Kumar lost his life on duty.


A portion of residence of National Security Guard
(NSG) commando Lieutenant Colonel Niranjan
Kumar, who was martyred in the Pathankot terror
attack in January, has come under demolition list.
The demolition drive by Bruhat Bangalore
Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has been undertaken to
get rid of the encroachment on storm water
drains in the city. BBMP officials have marked
for demolition one of the three pillars on which
Kumar’s house is standing and family and has
requested authorities for more time. Niranjan’s
brother Shashank asserted that it is definitely
not a good thing and a shame to the country to
see a national hero’s house being demolished. “It is
very hard for us to digest this because we have
lost our brother in Pathankot attack and now we
are seeing the house is being demolished. And it is
not a good thing to see our national hero’s house
being demolished. I would request to stop this
demolition for good purpose because Niranjan has
died for the country and if is going to happen
this way then it is a shame for the country,”
Shashank told ANI.
“I Salute Lt.Col Niranjan’s parents for
cooperating and agreeing to demolish the
encroached portion,” said S Alam,BBMP Assistant
Commissioner. Jagdish Shettar of BJP said that
respect should be given to the family of Colonel
Niranjan which has made such a sacrifice.
Meanwhile, BBMP continued with its encroachment
clearance drive and marked many more buildings
for demolition in Vidyaranyapura. It had identified
and marked properties at Yelahanka,
Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bommanahalli,
Mahadevapura and Yeshwantpur. The residents of
these areas have strongly criticised the BBMP
officials for asking them to make alternative
arrangements. Karnataka Chief Minister
Siddaramaiah had earlier ordered action against
20 government officials for their involvement in
encroachment of storm water drains in the city.

Niranjan Kumar was a member of the National
Security Guard’s (NSG) Bomb Disposal Squad and
was killed while trying to defuse a live grenade
from the body of a dead terrorist at the
Pathankot airbase in the January 2 attack.
-by source:google

Now due to corruption of some government officials,Land mafia,the house of Late.Martyred Col.Niranjan is being demolished they said on tv.
Niranjan kumar’s brother said that in the colony where they live so many other netas lived for many years they were not being encroached like we were.
Many  questions arises here:
Where are the martyr’s family going to live now?
No arrangements are being made for them to live somewhere else just false promises like every time.Same as other soldiers pain.
These brazen actions is an insult to every soldier and their widows,families in our country.

Why demolition after 15 years?
The government officials are doing so to hide their fifteen years of corruption from people of Bangalore by putting a gun on their shoulders and saying it is good for the people to demolish a martyrs house.
How is it public good for a civic body,as per the families to come out and destroy homes of 1200 familes without proper notice?
  Simple thing is that the family paid tax and everything on time and suddenly after 15 years due to actions of some corrupt officials,bureaucrats of that time the government orders to demolish this colony just to hide their corruption.
And the thing is there is not any law violation or wrong thing this families living there did so why do they need to suffer?
Other important thing not a single neta/minister’s house is being demolished.
I would like to say:
करे कोई और भरे कोई।।।

Why this insensitivity towards soldiers and their families.This cruelty of government bodies towards the soldiers who protects us
is unacceptable.


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