What’s love in pain or vice-versa?

Why there is so much pain ?
By loving someone what do you gain?
Why do poetries blossom in this moments?
Why is someone ready to get slain?

Their ain’t no pain,
Till u want something it,
If you loved someone truly,
Never hesitate to show it.

Ambiguity in love never resides,
It’s you who never decides,
Collabaration of words is must between 2 ♥ & ♥,
Don’t let ego your hearts divide.



7 thoughts on “What’s love in pain or vice-versa?

  1. Love is to grow in the other’s freedom…. Love is to be happy and full in only sharing not wanting.. Love is for the betterment of the other…. Love is from heart to heart with no expectations. Love is to relate.

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      1. Beautiful sweet Soul, named Ravindra…. See it this way Love is to be happy by seeing the other grow… By loving we are not doing anything because love is our nature, we are all love…. Love is what we are, love is what we can share….. When we share it without even thinking about ourselves then we can say we have shared love truly from our deep within.

        Lovely blog yours… Be blessed… Keep smiling and keep growing…. Try and find time to look within, look deep into your self.

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