From within the strength comes,
Make it useful for good deeds,
The powerful is busy in making slums,
Their inhumanely nature Everyone reads.

One who has power,
Is making life miserable,
For Who has voted for him,
Just comes with fake promises and then gets invisible.

“Peoples” should vote they say,
But all are corrupt whom they are gonna play,
What will be the future of my country?
I’m not gonna say but try & pray.

“I Love my country,there are some negative elements which we (people)have to get rid of,we will”


7 thoughts on “Power

  1. I think every nation goes through this process where power is given by people to the leaders so that they can guide us. Because they can do it better than us. Every nation struggles to make it better.

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    1. Yeah..i agree to what you said but why they(politicians) cant keep up their promises after elections..
      People die,starve,kill they dont care.It is really shameful and people also give their votes upto 1000rs/- during elections

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