Kargil vijay diwas..


Kargil Vijay Diwas, named after the success of
Operation Vijay . On this day, 26 July 1999, India
successfully took command of the high outposts
which had been lost to Pakistani intruders. The
Kargil war was fought for more than 60 days,
ended on 26 July and resulted in the loss of life
on both sides, India and Pakistan and with the
India regain possessions of Kargil Kargil Vijay
Diwas is celebrated on 26 July every year in
honour of the Kargil War’s Heroes. This day is
celebrated in the Kargil – Dras sector and the
national capital New Delhi, where the Prime
Minister of India, pays homage to the soldiers at
Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate every year.
Functions are also organized all over the country
to commemorate the contribution of the Armed
After the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, there
had been a long period with relatively few
direct armed conflicts involving the military
forces of the two neighbors – notwithstanding
the efforts of both nations to control the
Siachen Glacier by establishing military outposts
on the surrounding mountains ridges and the
resulting military skirmishes in the 1980s.
During the 1990s, however, escalating tensions
and conflict due to separatist activities in
Kashmir, some of which were supported by
Pakistan, as well as the
conducting of nuclear tests by both countries in
1998, led to an increasingly belligerent
atmosphere. In an attempt to defuse the
situation, both countries signed the Lahore
Declaration in February 1999, promising to
provide a peaceful and bilateral solution to the
Kashmir conflict.During the winter of 1998
-1999, some elements of the Pakistani Armed
Forces were covertly training and sending
Pakistani troops and paramilitary forces, some
allegedly in the guise ofmujahideen, into
territory on the Indian side of the LOC. The
infiltration was code named “Operation
Badr”,its aim was to sever the link between
Kashmir and Ladakh, and cause Indian forces to
withdraw from the Siachen Glacier, thus forcing
India to negotiate a settlement of the broader
Kashmir dispute. Pakistan also believed that any
tension in the region would internationalise the
Kashmir issue, helping it to secure a speedy
resolution. Yet another goal may have been to
boost the morale of the decade-long rebellion in
Indian Administered Kashmir by taking a
proactive role.
Initially, with little knowledge of the nature or
extent of the infiltration, the Indian troops in
the area assumed that the infiltrators were
jihadis and claimed that they would evict them
within a few days. Subsequent discovery of
infiltration elsewhere along the LOC, and the
difference in tactics employed by the
infiltrators, caused the Indian army to realize
that the plan of attack was on a much bigger
scale. The total area seized by the ingress is
generally accepted to between 130 km² –
200 km².
The Government of India responded with
Operation Vijay, a mobilisation of 200,000 Indian
troops.Finally war came to an official end on
July 26, 1999,thus making it the Vijay Diwas.


527 soldiers from Indian Armed Forces
sacrificed their lives during the war
In all 527 soldiers from Indian Armed Forces
sacrificed their lives during the war:
Lieutanant Col R.Vishwanathan
Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia
Major Kamlesh Prasad
Major Padmapani Acharya
Major Parmanand
Major Rajesh S. Adhikari
Major Vivek Gupta
Major Mariappan Saravanan
Captain Amit Bhardwaj
Captain Aditya Mishra
Captain Haneefuddin
Captain Jerry Premraj
Captain Jintu Gogoi
Captain Keishing Clifford Nongrum
Captain P.V.Vikram
Captain Vikram Batra
Captain Anuj Nayyar
Captain Amol Kalia
Lieutanant Amit Kaul
Lieutanant Neikezhakou Kengurusie
Lieutanant Sourav Kalia
Lieutanant Vijayant Thapar
LieutenantManoj Kumar Pandey
Deputy Commander Sukhbir Singh Yadav
Driver-Soldier Gopinath Moharana
Flight Engineer Raj Kishore Sahoo
Flight Lieutanant S Muhilan
Grenadier Amardeep
Grenadier Bajinder Singh
Grenadier Mohan Katha
Grenadier Munish Kumar
Grenadier Raj Kumar
Grenaidier Yogendera Singh Yadav
Havaldar Abdul Karim
Havaldar Beejay Singh
Havaldar Daler Singh Bahu
Havaldar Jai Prakash Singh
Havaldar Khazan Singh
Havaldar Padam Singh Dhama
Havaldar Ram Kumar
Havaldar Sarwan Singh Se
ngar Havaldar Surendra Singh
Havaldar Sultan Singh Narwari
s Havaldar Tan Bahadur Chhetri
Havaldar Tsweang Rigzin
Havaldar Yashvir Singh
Jawan Arvind Kumar Pandey
Lance Havaldar Ramkumar
Lance Havaldar Samandar Singh Hooda
Lance Naik Ahmed Ali
Lance Naik Balwan Singh
Lance Naik Bijender Singh
Lance Naik Eknath Khairnar
Lance Naik Gurmail Singh
Lance Naik Hera Singh
Lance Naik Keshan Singh
Lance Naik Madan Singh
Lance Naik Manas Ranjan Sahu
Lance Naik Om Prakash
Lance Naik Rakesh Chand
Lance Naik Ram Kumar Pradhan
Lance Naik Surianam Singh
Lance Naik Shankar Shinde
Lance Naik T.S.Jaswant Singh
Naik Anand singh
Naik Bharat Singh
Naik Birender Singh Lamba
Naik Buta Singh
Naik Chaman Singh
Naik Dharam Singh
Naik Ganesh Prasad Yadav
Naik Guardian Mekh Bahadur Gurung
Naik Jagat Singh
Naik Kasmir Singh
Naik Krishan Pal
Naik Mangat Singh
Naik Narayana Rao Desai
Naik Nirmal Singh
Naik R. Kamaraj
Naik Raj Kumar Punia
Naik Rakesh Chand
Naik Ram Swarup
Naik Sachidananda Malik
Naik Samunder Singh
Naik Shatrughan Singh
Naik Shiv Vasayya
Naik Surendra Singh
Naik Surendra Pal
Naik Surjeet Singh
Naik Subedar Lal Chand
Naik Vikram Singh
Naik Yoginder Singh
Rifleman Ansuya Prasad Dhayani
Rifleman Bachan Singh
Rifleman Dabal Singh
Rifleman Dilwar Singh
Rifleman Jaideep Singh
Rifleman Kuldeep Singh
Rifleman Linkon Pradhan
Rifleman Mohammed Aslam
Rifleman Mohammed Farid
Rifleman Rattan Chand
Rifleman Shaukat Hussain Kalgam
Rifleman Sunil Jungt Mahat
Rifleman Varinder Lal
Rifleman Vikram Singh
Rifleman Guardian Johar Singh
Rifleman Guardian Sarvan Kumar
Sergeant PVNR Prasad
Sergeant Raj Kishore Sahu
Sepoy Ajmer Singh
Sepoy Amardeep Singh
Sepoy Anil Kumar
Sepoy Arjun Ram
Sepoy Arvind Kumar Pandey
Sepoy Bajinder Singh
Sepoy Bhanwar Lal Bagaria
Sepoy Bhikaram
Sepoy Chara Nicholas
Sepoy Dharambir Singh
Sepoy Dineshkumar Vaghela
Sepoy Gangching Konyak
Sepoy Gazpal Singh
Sepoy Gopinath Mohrana
Sepoy Harendragiri Goswami
Sepoy Jugal Kishore
Sepoy Har Prasad
Sepoy Karan Singh
Sepoy Keolanand Dwivedi
Sepoy Kewal Anand
Sepoy Khem Raj
Sepoy Krishan Kumar
Sepoy Moola Ram
Sepoy Naresh Singh
Sepoy Pramod Kumar
Sepoy Rajinder
Sepoy Rajvir Singh
Sepoy Raswinder Singh
Sepoy Satvir Singh
Sepoy Satnam Singh
Sepoy Senthil
Sepoy Shaikh Mastan Wali
Sepoy Sheesh Ram
Sepoy Shiv Shankar Prasad Gupta
Sepoy Sukhwinder Singh
Sepoy Suresh Chhetri
Sepoy Suresh Kumar
Sepoy Varinder Kumar
Sepoy Vijaypal Singh
Signalman Rajan Sahu
Signalman Vinod Kumar
Subedar Bhanwar Lal
Subedar Harpaul Singh
Subedar Lal Singh
Subedar K. Medappa
Subedar Randhir Singh
Subedar Sumer Singh Rathore
Squadron Leader Ajay Ahuja
Squadron Leader Rajiv Pundir
Squadron Leader Lal Singh
Squadron Leader Ojha
Zrfn Man Singh
Kaushal Yadav
Basavaraj Chougala
May their soul rest in peace. They are the


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