Black cat,Blue sea

First of all,i would like to thank the blog and blogger of”my valiant soul” for nominating me for this Black cat Blue sea award.
As this title is, i would like to express my own imaginations or thoughts on this.
As the title suggests how can i relate black cat and blue sea.Black cat may refer to us humans sailing in the thoughts,imaginations,experiences( sea)
The 3 questions bestowed upon me @re:
1.One supernatural power that you(i) wish to have?
-> As a human i would like to remain a simple or normal one the reason for it is that with supernatural powers there comes great responsibilities(;-)seen in movies).But as you had insisted i would love to have the power of being able to change the wrong to right in accordance to a situation.

2.Any real spooky or haunted experience you ever had?
-> No.As i am not superstituous i never had any spooky experience:-D.
I am a person who reasons anything and everything,so my relatives,parents didn’t care to speak to me about anything haunted.
But there is one experience when i got really threatened and ran back home.
So here it is,during my $chool holidays i went back to my hometown where i used to play a lot but now not much.A morning at around 6:00 i woke up and decided to go jogging.i ran a few metres and came to railway station(it is very much near from my house) & there was still dark….
I was jogging looking here and there and suddenly one woman got up shouted very loudly..i was like what the shit happened and was shocked for a moment but my reflexes make me ran back home..
After that day i never went to jog in holidays.
I have never told this incident to anyone except my family members.

3.One thing you would like to change from your past?
->I would not like to change anything from past but want to work for my future.
Whatever it is my past was nice so is my present but need to work for brighter tommorrow.
My nominees are:
1.Kishan Thakar
2.Sarvesh gaikwad
1.Nominated person can nominate any 7 bloggers.
2.Nominated person can ask 3 questions to the ones he nominated
3.The ones whom i have nominated now can answers below 3 questions♥♥♥:-)★

So here are my questions:-
1.what do you think about love and why?
2.what is the most weirdest thing u have ever done?
3.Any experience where u laughed and almost cried?

Any nominee who found any question offendable please do forgive..
U can answer any question u like…
Thank u

Once again i would like to thank for nominating me to♥♥♥My valiant soul♥♥♥….
I am very grateful and honoured …♥♡★★★★★:-)


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